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We refer to a turnkey application as a system or software package that has been built, installed or supplied by Total Application Works and is complete and ready to operate in a production environment.

In our experience, we have found that problem development efforts show some of the following symptoms.

  • The End User is consulted late in the development cycle, which causes application redesign and rework.
  • Specifications and/or design that are not well defined, and this causes redesign/rework.
  • The test effort is not well designed, which causes the product test to be major part of the development effort and/or an error prone product is put into production.

Any of the above items can result in negative numbers being added to the bottom line.

Total Application Works uses a disciplined process to build and deliver programs. We believe that if errors are eliminated early in the development cycle, then costly redesign and rework is also eliminated. If errors are removed early in the development cycle then the program is usually less costly to build. The key is to build what the client wants. This can be accomplished by having well defined specifications and design. Based on well defined specifications, we develop the

  1. Specifications - prototyped
    • This is done for clarification.
  2. Architecture - high-level design and prototype
    • Client sign-off is required to proceed to next step.
  3. Design - low-level design and lower level prototype
    • Client sign-off is required to proceed to next step.
  4. Code - program implementation.
  5. Test - verification.
    • Function test
    • System test
  6. Turnkey - working program turned over to client.

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