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Let Total Application Works help you define your specifications. Remember that well defined specifications add positively to the bottom line.

Development projects often get into trouble because the specifications do not clearly define the functions of the program. Requesting a database program is as ambiguous as requesting a car when, in your head, you have a definite make and model in mind.

One way to eliminate most of the ambiguity is to define a formal description of the program that you expect to be built. The formal description should contain as much detail as a blueprint for a house or a building. In addition, a functional specification should describe the program to be built from the user's perspective, how the user interface appears and how a user would use the program and/or how specific functions should be performed.

Ill defined specifications lead to costly development cycles by introducing errors early in the development cycle. These errors usually affect the overall product design. Total Application Works can work with you to develop well defined specifications. It is our intent to add positively to your bottom line through these well-defined specifications. Total Application Works follows these steps:

  1. Well-defined specifications and prototype
  2. Architecture - high-level design and prototype
  3. Design - low-level design

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