HTML: Anchor Tag IV

Author: Ronald S. Holland
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    <title>Example of a link </title>
    <a href="">
    Anchor Tag </a>


The purpose of this tutorial is to show you how to write a HTML page using the ANCHOR tag. What is HTML (HyperText Markup Language)? HTML is a layout/tag language that is used to organize text and/or images on a web page. In the following example, we will show you the code for our page examples that use the ANCHOR tag. The <ANCHOR> tag allows the user to jump to a different block/section in the same HTML document or to a different HTML document/web page. You will find that links are found in virtually all Web pages. Links allow users to navigate from page to page with a simple click of the mouse.

What is a target link?

A target link allows you to open another page in a second browser window,

Source Code Displayed by your Browser
<a HREF="" TARGET="main">Open a second window.</a>

Open a second window.

Click on Your Open a second window above
Figure 4: Open a new window with destination web page

In Figure 4, we specifIed a target window for a hyperlink. This is where the linked page will open.